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Terra Petrophysics Team

With over 25 years experience you can be sure that if there is in an exploration concept that can be identified and tested then it will be found.

Barry Bourne

Consulting Principal

Global exploration experience ranging from greenfields exploration to mining. Demonstrated exploration success coupled with excellent geological/ technical ability.

Responsible for the establishment of three petrophyscal laboratories within Barrick Gold (USA, Australia and Zambia). Six years in-country experience in developing nations.

Member of the technical advisory committee that founded the Deep Exploration Technology Cooperative Research Center. Current member of the technical advisory committee for the Center for Exploration Targeting at the University of Western Australia and the Australian Society of Exploration Geophysicists Research Foundation.

An innovator, who has designed, proposed and implemented the full range of initiatives via experience gained whilst working within the mining industry. Shortlisted for the Australian innovation Awards in 2012. Advance Global Australian of the Year- Mining and Resources 2013.

Jarrad Trunfull

Project Geophysicist / Geologist

Jarrad graduated with a Bachelor of Science with Honours in Geology from the University of Western Australia. Prior to joining the Terra Resources team in May 2019, Jarrad worked as both a geologist and geophysicist with a number of companies including Barrick Gold, Rio Tinto Iron Ore, Southern Geoscience Consultants and Saracen Gold Mines. He has extensive experience in geophysical data acquisition, processing, modelling and interpretation, geoscientific data integration and interpretation, and exploration targeting. Jarrad is an active member of the Australian Society of Exploration Geophysicists (ASEG).

Key Skills and Strengths:

  • A strong focus on the integration of geological, geophysical, petrophysical and other datasets to increase understanding and generate effective drill targets.
  • Worked as both a geologist and a geophysicist, with experience across multiple commodities and deposit styles utilizing a variety of exploration methods.
  • Broad experience in geophysics survey planning, management of acquisition, data processing, modelling and interpretation.

Blake Cross

Graduate Geophysicist / Geologist

Blake has a BSc in Geophysics from the Colorado School of Mines and is currently a MSc student at Curtin University studying Mineral Exploration and Mining Geology. He has been working at Terra Petrophysics to assist in measuring and recording petrophysical data on core samples.

His experience is in processing and interpreting potential field geophysics data, conducting joint interpretation across both geophysics and geologic datasets, and in ore body geology. He is interested in further understanding orebody deposition and the ways that geophysically detectable features play a role in their formation and constraints.

He is currently in the early stages of a MSc research project focused on understanding the formation of metasedimentary hydrothermal Cobalt deposit in the United States.

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